New Year’s Challenge

It appears to be a Christian’s New Year’s ambition to read the Bible through-and-through every new year. That’s great, I make that ambition too, and fail most years. But I thought of one that y’all might enjoy doing as well. I’m doing NCFCA (view website here) speech club, and a part of their apologetics course is to create one or two (or seven) index cards for each ‘topic’. The topics categorize different questions that we might be asked, for example, one topic might be anything about Jesus’ incarnation, another one about His resurrection, and so forth. So I was wondering if y’all wanted to do something like that, but online. I can pose a question, and y’all can submit an answer within a good amount of time; say, a week or so. You can either do an audio recording, or you can do a written response, but I at least want a two-minute (if audio) answer, and a similar reading time (for you) if written. If you want to participate in this activity, comment below and leave your email in the comment. If there is addition text in the comment besides your email, I will leave that, but I want to make it clear that your email will not be published online by me, or given to anybody else. All comments on my blog have to go through moderation by me first, so I will copy your email and then delete it permanently from my blog.
So join me if you will, I’d love to cover these questions with y’all. This is a really great way to get you thinking, researching, and answering questions you might not give much thought to normally. I’d also love to hear some of y’all’s New Year’s’ resolutions!


8 thoughts on “New Year’s Challenge

  1. I’m not sure that I’d be able to follow along the whole year on this. What I’ve put for myself is that I want to start to add more videos to my Youtube channel, which might be a great way for me to try to answer some of these questions (wink wink). If it’s okay with you, I’ll wait to see what a few of your questions are first before dedicating myself to such a task for the whole year.
    Grace and peace in Christ.


  2. Hmm… depends. I’m already answering most of the questions you’d be posting here, anyway. 😉 But we’ll have to see. A high school sophomore year is pretty tough! So it depends on my schedule, the questions asked, etc., etc. I absolutely LOVE this concept, though, and I really hope you get some people to do this!


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