Ecc. 3:4: “A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance…”

The Bible has much to say about emotions. God made them, after all. Ecclesiastes says that sometimes we will be sad, happy, filled with grief, and filled with joy to the point of dancing. But the Bible also says that we are not to be ruled by our emotions. Jeremiah 17:9 tells us that the heart is deceitful and wicked.

In other words, emotions can be deceiving. Not good. So many times you are tricked by your emotions. As I heard it stated, “Emotions come uninvited. A thought may pop into your head and you say, ‘I don’t even believe that!’ But it was triggered by an emotion that you felt, and so you thought it.” Emotions do control our thoughts. They also control our reactions sometimes. How many times have you lashed out at a sibling or parent because of an emotion?

Is there anything good to do with these emotions? Let’s see. God gave us these, so they serve some kind of purpose. Here’s another question that may help answer this one: Why are we here on earth? Some of you might say “to take care of the earth (plants, animals, etc.)”. I say, however, why is the earth here? Why did God even make these things in the first place? In short, we were made to praise God. The earth was made for a visual reminder of what He could do and that He was praise-worthy. So yes, there are good emotional feelings you can have.

So, again, why are emotions here? They are so that we can feel love towards Him, so that we can praise Him whole-heartedly.

But it seems like Satan takes everything that God makes and turns it against us. Emotions can be deadly. Emotions allow us to feel hurt, pain, struggle, heartache, hate. And all these can be caused by other people. We have to be so careful with our emotions. Not only can we offend others and hurt them unbelievably deeply, but we can also become obsessed with them.

If you allow yourself to be ruled by your emotions, you’re walking blindly beside a cliff. If your emotions not only direct your every thought and concern, but also govern your actions, what you say, and how and what you think, it’s an impossible route. You can never achieve anything when you’re ruled by your emotions. You will be ridiculed and mocked in your thoughts – because of your emotions.

Emotions can go way off topic, though. You may not even realize that it’s an emotional reaction until you break everything down. Sometimes, you may wonder why something happens. I don’t know. But typically, those kinds of questions have the roof of self-pity, or in other words, pride.

Emotions are what make you feel things. They’re what can hurt, what can heal, but without emotions, we would just be human robots, unable to feel anything.

Emotions can also be harmful to you. Feeling sad for yourself because of something that you don’t have or something that you can’t do or because someone hurt your feelings is pride. So are bad emotions sins? No, not in and of themselves. It is often our reactions and responses to these emotions that are sinful. How can these be sins? Look at it this way: I said that emotions can give you hate, right? Hate is the same as murder in God’s eyes! Feeling sad for yourself is a big emotion. What is it? Pride! These are all mentioned in Proverbs 6:16-19 (in the NIV they are under the title “haughty eyes” and “hands that shed innocent blood”). These are six of the things that God hates! Can we do something about those sins? Yes. Put others before yourself. Put their concerns ahead of yours. It’s really important.

When your emotions are in control and you are guided by them, you then will dwell upon them and as a result will become self focused. You really can’t be caring or loving to someone else if you are too busy focusing on yourself. So, then you have no room for other’s, meaning, you don’t have room for other people’s problems or predicaments. You can’t honestly help them, because you are obsessed with your own struggles. You can try! But you can’t really be a good help. So, in a nutshell, if you’re trying to be a good friend to someone else, work through your problems and emotions first. It’ll be easier that way.


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