A New Norm

Today is one of those days. The day where you need to post something but really don’t have anything to post. Well, God provides, sometimes at unexpected times. Like at 12:36 on Friday while I’m mowing the yard. Tragedy struck for a moment, however, when I forgot what my blog post idea was. It came back to me later, and I finally got the time to write it Friday night.

I was laying on my bed two weeks ago. Just, sitting there. It was cold in my room. I had the fan on medium. I didn’t want to get up to turn it off. The switch is on the other side of my room. But I did. I flipped it off and resumed my posture on my bed. I lazily watched the fan slowly start to “unwind”. I imagined myself as the ceiling fan. As soon as I’m born, I start dying. I slowly “unwind”, slower and slower, until finally, I come to a complete stop. I die.

This analogy was a strange one for me to be thinking of at 10:00. Normally I get more creative in the mornings around 7:30 and at about 11:00 at night. I was thinking that as the fan unwound itself, it had a certain time until it completely stopped. All it did was spin, as if it never knew it would die the next minute. But it did.

I was forced to wonder, “If we knew the time that we would die, and how long we had until that time, what would we do differently?” I thought about the short amount of time it took for my fan to go from being supported by electricity and living strongly, to dead-still. I thought about how that’s like our lifetime. I’ll say the average person lives to about eighty years old. If you compare that to the probable six-thousand year old universe, or even the more recent two-thousand years since Christ’s death, eighty years out of six-thousand years is not really noticeable in the least. Not to mention you’re sharing those eighty years with about three billion other people. It’s like a grain of sand on the beach. It’s indistinguishable. Nobody has any cause to notice it.
That said, in your short lifetime, what might you prioritize that you want done? Maybe you like to read books. Great. Nothing wrong with that. Maybe you like to hang out on the computer and chat with your friends. Also great. I’m not here to criticize your likes and interests. But if you found out today that you only had forty-seven days to live, would you read books as much? Would you chat with your friends on the internet? Would you do whatever it is you like to do? Or would you try to gain a closer relationship with loved ones, or go on a mission trip, or do something you don’t do everyday. Maybe we should make those everyday things a treat.
Maybe having internet should be a privilege. Maybe we shouldn’t take advantage of it and hang out on the web for hours. Maybe we should actually do something with that time we have. Maybe the things we don’t do as much now should become our everyday things tomorrow. What do you not do now? Evangelize? How many times do you tell somebody about Jesus? Do you even pray with God? I’m not here to tear you down today. I’m not here to ask you to turn your life around and make a better effort to follow Christ. I’m here just to ask you those questions.

Let’s say you die tomorrow. Let’s say after you die, God gives you another week here on earth. Would you just shrug it off and get back on the computer or into your book? Or would you actually be looking for things to do? Not all of it has to be strict Christian activities. You could go sightseeing to the Grand Canyon, or Niagara Falls, or go see the Eiffel Tower. What would you do? I think we should start doing those things today. Make the things that aren’t normal for your yesterday, the norm of your tomorrow. Spend some time with your family if you don’t. Just act like any day could be your last. Cause it will surprise you when your last day comes.

Let’s say you do decide to do some Christian activities. Good! What will you do? Mission trips aren’t expensive at all. It’s probably at least ten minutes to a park or jogging trail. There’s a good place to start. You don’t have to go overseas to reach people. There are lost people walking beside us daily. Maybe you know one. Have you made any effort to reach them?

My point today is not to make you feel bad if you don’t evangelize, or feel good if you do evangelize. My point today is to keep the norm of yesterday belonging to yesterday. Get a new norm. Today.


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