God of Wonders

Today, I’m not going to be doing any deep, theological post. It’s not a convicting message, a tale of Christian persecution, or a missionary’s brave tale. I’m simply reviewing some sights and views.

On our three day drive up here, we passed through some beautiful sights: Murky swamps, beautiful forests, majestic mountain ranges, and plains that stretched to the sun-bathed horizon. In short, it was a beautiful trip. Having lived in south-eastern Texas the good part of my life, I’ve only seen big cities, the beaches, flat, humid farmland. But it was all beautiful to me, ’cause that’s what I knew. But it was like God had me look at things from another perspective; at all His amazing creations. The Smokey Mountains, while difficult to get through in our moving truck, was even more beautiful than I imagined mountains could be. I was revealed to a whole new scale of beauty, and of God’s creation. How can He create such majestic scenes? Such huge trees? Such dark swamps? How can He be able to make it all in just six days? Because He is the Creator. Louisiana’s swamps were a new thing to me. In Texas, I never saw huge swamps with alligators and huge cypress trees suspending their branches just above the murky waters. It was beautiful! He is beautiful. He created it.


One thought on “God of Wonders

  1. *cough, cough* Glad you enjoyed the swamps there. (jk) You’re right, it is amazing to try to fathom that He created it all in 6 days, down to the tiniest detail!


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