A Problem in Today’s Church

Hey, welcome back. In this post, most likely my last post before we move, I want to just introduce a problem in today’s church.

While there are several more problems to introduce (and I may introduce more in the future), I wanted to introduce a problem that a lot of churches have fallen under. This problem is a lie.

So many Christians today have been told something. They’ve been told that, after they’re saved, they need to go to church. But, they say they’re too worldly to go. They wouldn’t fit in. So, churches will target those types of people and say, “Hey! Our doors are open to folks like you! Just come as you are! Jesus loves you just as you are!” So, people feel better about themselves and go there for the emotional experience. They keep going there for the emotional experience, and they won’t mature or grow in Christ at all. They will stay on the milk. They’re baby Christians.

Is there a problem in what they’re telling others? Not necessarily. Is there a problem in their goal? Yes. And there’s a problem in the church itself. What they need to be saying is: “Hey! Our doors are open to folks like you! Just come as you are! But once you get here, realize your dirty state you’re in and get out of it! Don’t stay in the miserable sin pit you’re in. Get out, and stand on the Rock. Get out of the quick-sand, and be safe in Him.”

This is the problem. They are an emotionally comforting and appealing church. But look at Jeremiah 17:9: “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure…” It appeals to your heart and mind, but it isn’t exactly what’s best for you. What you need, is to maybe understand that God does love you, but He wants to get you out of the well of sin that you’re in. So, don’t stay in your sinful state, but get out and rejoice under Christ’s wing.

This is one of the problems I wanted to introduce. While there are more, I felt like this one was one of the major ones that I needed to be discussed. It is major, because above all else, your heart will deceive you. If you go by what your heart tells you, you will end up at the end of a path you never even intended to go on. But, since you were blinded by vain desires, you ended up at the opposite destination.

If you find that you are being led by your emotions, you need to backtrack to where you got off track. Then, think of how you could’ve changed what you did for the better, and try to either make it right to someone or make it right to God.

You may be wondering what you should be led by. You should be led by God. He will tell you what you are supposed to do. Sometimes, He speaks through the Bible. Sometimes, through someone else. But if you aren’t sure what to do, listen for Him. He will reveal His will for your life that might not make sense or be what you wanted, but it is what He wants. If it seems like He won’t reveal His will to you, do what you think is honestly best. Base it on His word, and go from there.


Mark 16:15


Thanks for reading! Comments are appreciated.

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