We are about to be extremely busy. We have two weeks to pack everything left in the house, three days until our buyers close on our house, and a three-day drive to our new home. We are going to be overwhelmed with work, struggling to bear it all – again. We experienced this earlier this year, when we were trying to get our house on the market. (Click here for full story.) When we went to bed every night, we were exhausted. At the end of that three months, we were broken, beaten, and ready to give up. But God continually provided. Once we were physically worn out, he stepped in and pushed us to the end. Now, we have had a nice rest to recover, and we are about to dive into it again.

This time, though, I have an idea of what to expect. Constant work? Yes. God’s hand? Absolutely. We have seen it innumerable times – getting the house on the market, getting up to PA, getting a house there, getting back down, and now, we’re about to see Him at work again. It’s amazing to see Him at work. It’s renewing. It gives you the strength to allow Him to continue working.

When it seems like you’ll never be ready for the concert, tournament, test, or deadline of any sort, know that God will work and come through – every time you need Him.


Thanks for reading! Comments are appreciated.

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