Proverbs 10

Hello y’all! I appreciate you reading this. If you will please turn to Proverbs 10 with me, than we will begin in verse 1. This chapter doesn’t go in a pattern whatsoever. So, we’re just going to chew it bit by bit. Go ahead and read verse 1.
What do you think it means? What can you do to be wiser? Speaking of wisdom, one day my friend sent me a link for a blog of one of his friends, and I was reading through it. As I did, I came across something startling to me (later on): It was going on about what the Bible says about wisdom, and then it said in capital letters: “NEWSFLASH: NOBODY’S WISE!” I made one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make: I accepted it as truth without researching it first. In this day and age, you can NEVER accept anything as truth without researching first, aside from God’s Holy Word. Please don’t accept what I’m saying as truth without researching it for yourself first. This is just coming from a young man’s brain. I want you to be the judge. The reason this was wrong, was because if “nobody’s wise” and nobody could be, than why would God mention the words wise and wisdom 237 and 222 times in the Bible!? And also, why would He say “let the wise”, “rebuke the wise”, and “instruct the wise”? Also, verse 11a in Proverbs 9, says “For through wisdom your years will be many…” If nobody was wise, than why would Solomon mention that? Granted, it is rare in these times, but there are wise people.
Moving on, let’s move to verses 2-12. I want you to read these and record your thoughts on each verse.
Now, I want to delve into the second half of 13 a little. See what it says: “…But a rod is for the back of one who has no sense.” If you are older than one year old, you have probably gotten a spankin’. I have! But, as I got older, I got less and less of them. That’s because discipline trains. The stricter you are, the more likely it is that they will behave. Now, don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying to be overly strict, just when you say rules, you should expect them to be followed. You should be strict, yet reward them when they do what they’re supposed to. Michael Pearl said, “Rules without relationship equals rebellion”. Now, I have to apologize for rambling. I do that a lot.
Moving on to verses 14-24. Do the same as last time, record everything in your thoughts. Here are a few things to look for: What benefits do the righteous have? What tools do the wicked use? What is their downfall?
Now, finish the chapter the same way. I apologize for being so unorganized in this chapter. As I said, it has no pattern. I hope this has shown you something about the Scriptures that you never saw before. God bless your day.

Mark 16:15


Thanks for reading! Comments are appreciated.

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